A Podcast based in Pgh featuring one-on-one conversations with individuals from all sectors on how they have honed their specific craft and the tether they have with the community.
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Nov 21, 2017

Nina Chase obsesses about connecting people with public spaces. First in Boston, and now on the aggregate walkways of Pittsburgh, Nina sees possibility to improve the quality of life in small and grand ways. On today’s podcast, we discuss the 446 bridges, 700 steps and 3 rivers we navigate every day, but rarely give the consideration they deserve.

Nov 1, 2017

The podcast returns from our fall hiatus and welcomes James McNeel to the studio. In a city bursting with live theater options, Pittsburgh’s City Theatre takes on the challenge of championing new and original plays. We explore the cultural importance of showcasing these new works with James, as well as his personal journey from his Marlinton, West Virginia roots. It feels good to be back.

Aug 11, 2017

Vasilios Scoumis left a relatively stable and upwardly mobile position with the Pine Richland School District to start working for the Manchester Academic Charter School, a role which eventually posited him as the CEO of the entire organization. Our discussion centers around the role and debate the charter system inhabits, his unique leadership approaches, the north shore development and the upcoming partnership with MuseumLab – an initiative of The Children's Museum. And how he almost ended up in Vegas. To learn more about Vasilios and MACS please visit


Jul 28, 2017

The native of Wicklow Town, Ireland – a fact you’ll pick up on immediately – is currently a midfielder for the Pittsburgh Riverhounds soccer club but also a very talented graphic novelist who will be pursuing a post-playing career in that art form as well. Danny patiently and with good humor explains the finer points of the beautiful game from his perspective as a player in the USL, MSL and the Premiership with Aston Villa FC’s reserve team.

To learn more about Danny, check out these links:


Jul 11, 2017

To the list of disrupted industries in our new economy, add the polling and research business. And you can thank today’s Corps340 Podcast guest John Dick for being a major disrupter. In possibly our first bona fide NSFW episode, John and Gordon discuss politics, the virtue of manly men and how to successfully cold-call Mark Cuban. Check out how Civic Science powers opinions and brings them to decision makers at

Jun 30, 2017

Our conversation with Afro-Haitian artist Corrine Jasmin traces her upbringing as one of the few girls of color in her Erie, PA neighborhood through her time here in Pittsburgh – a city she has unbridled enthusiasm for while still providing an unflinching perspective on the societal conditions and challenges that are present here for women of color. We cover labels, the cultural biases at play with the definitions of beauty, the role skin color has played in her identity, fluid sexuality and how all of this has influenced her art. She is a refreshing and vibrant voice and displays a thoughtfulness that is well beyond her 22 years. To see Corrine’s work please visit

Jun 23, 2017

We pick up part two by diving into Scott’s release of his new book, “Dirty Hippies” beginning with his unvarnished critique of how it sounds on tape to him currently (he’s not pleased) and then explore the people, places and music that were the inspirations behind the characters and the stories in the book. We finish up with why we are both drawn to history, a little dip into politics and end on some Warren Zevon thoughts.

Again, you can still catch Scott on the airwaves occasionally and to order a copy of his book, visit his page on Amazon at


Jun 21, 2017

This week’s guest on the Corps340 podcast is Scott Paulsen. Scott’s self-described job title lists him as the former dishwasher for The Waterford Inn but most people will probably remember him for his 30-plus years as a thoughtful, intelligent and entertaining radio personality with the likes of WDVE, WRKZ and ESPN1250.

In addition to the writing he did for radio, Scott has been pursuing other literary paths as well by writing a weekly newspaper column and authoring several books, most recently his new one titled “Dirty Hippies”, which is about how a disparate group of eccentric characters from a small town deal with a Woodstockian-style rock concert that descends upon their town one summer in the early 70’s and is drawn from his days growing up in Chester, WV.

We had a lot of fun talking with Scott – so much so we’ve decided to split the dialogue into two parts. Part one covers his broadcast path, the early influences and seismic industry changes that occurred over his still on-going career in the medium. Part two delves into the craft of his writing, the rhythm of writing dialogue and bringing his characters to life.

You can still catch Scott on the airwaves occasionally and to order a copy of his book, visit his page on Amazon at




Jun 7, 2017

One of the earliest employees of the innovative Pgh-based company 4Moms, Damon sits down with us to discuss the heady early days of the company he was intimately involved with for over 6 years and his decision earlier this year start down his own entrepreneurial path with the formation of Castus Consulting.

He’s been a Hampton Talbot, a Virginia Tech Hokie, a band roadie and a sound engineer – all of which prepped him to lead the expansion of the 4Moms product lines into international markets – it’s quite a journey. We also geek out a bit on golf – dissecting the country club culture as well as a shared frustration and joy with how freaking hard it is to play.

To learn more about Damon and Castus Consulting, check out

May 22, 2017

Karla Boos is more and more pursuing a lack of control. She has become increasingly comfortable and confident with using the phrase “I don’t know”. She works every day as an artist – which has manifested itself most passionately through her role as Founder and Artistic Director for Quantum Theater. She takes us through the process she employs to advance the intimate and progressive experiences Quantum contributes to the Pittsburgh cultural scene and what has attracted her to the physical buildings and landscapes this region has to offer and the parts they play in the eclectic presentation sites for their work.

Karla has built an extraordinary theater as laboratory that is constantly forging new and inspiring creative ground. To learn more about Karla and Quantum, visit

May 17, 2017

Today is quite possibly one of the most important days of Michael Killen’s professional life. First, he makes his podcast debut on Corps340. Then later tonight, the network premier of Michael’s ABC series Downward Dog on which he is co-creator, co-writer and executive producer. We talk with Michael about his early days at CMU, how he discovered his passion for filmmaking and the improbable, unpredictable path to getting Downward Dog from concept to prime time.

To see all of the great work Michael and his team creates, go to


May 13, 2017

Alice Greene is constantly listening. It’s a habit she developed early on when she started a newspaper at the age of 10 that reported on the daily happenings in her Winchester, Massachusetts’ neighborhood and has continued through her forays into journalism, radio and of course, parenthood.  She has honed all of this into a highly successful career trajectory at Campos with focus group moderation, survey design, big data analysis and user experiences work. 

However, she really enjoys employing her listening chops in the area of emerging trends – where she is responsible for Campos’ annual trend watching reports. We cover a wide range emerging currents including gender fluidity, social warfare, user centricity, artificial intelligence as potential co-workers, managers and even, gulp, as elected officials and the burgeoning digital detox influence. All in all, it’s a good listen.

To see more of the Alice’s and Campos’ ongoing reporting in this space, check out their blog at

May 2, 2017

Mark Chambers managed to arrange for a seat at one of Pittsburgh’s most exclusive locations: around the podcast table with Gordon and Brian. In this episode, we chat with Pittsburgh’s only inductee of the prestigious Les Clefs d’Or, the national association of professional hotel concierges. Mark enlightens us in the subtleties of his unique profession with his natural class and humor. He has enjoyed a front row seat watching the cultural and culinary growth of Pittsburgh, and has the thick black book to prove it.

Apr 27, 2017

Michael is particularly interested in pursuing creative joy. It comes in the form of his singing, which he does with his band Chupacabra. It comes in the form of design projects, a discipline he started with one-time partner and still close friend, Rick Bach. But it manifests itself most remarkably and demonstrably through his paintings, which are showcased in both national and international galleries and forums and are almost purely based on self-expression vs. commissioned work.

He talks about his 17 – yes, 17 – different moves he made as a child growing up between Ohio and Florida and how he pretty much ran into the same type of kid no matter where he lived and basically treated the whole experience as akin to camping. He discusses how art shouldn’t be a committee experience, compares the process to cooking, that the art of creating everyday is an act of defiance and reveals to us his favorite part of the day.

Check out Michael’s pursuits at both or




Apr 7, 2017

Our conversation with the VP of Community Affairs for Highmark and President of the Highmark Foundation begins with her upbringing in Homewood with parents who dealt with the hardships of poverty but never let them feel like they were poor. She earned her undergraduate degree at PITT and her master’s degree from CMU all the while holding down a full-time job with Mellon. It was the influence of one of her teachers at PITT, Dr. Lawrence Howard, which initially fueled her interest in public management and eventually led her to her current position.

Yvonne candidly discusses how she faces down and deals with the issues that are still commonplace surrounding white privilege in the corporate and governmental environments by pushing hard everyday with passion, optimism and no fear. She speaks to the “ROI of empathy” and how that is integral to any organization’s CSR policies.

A fervent supporter of the Pittsburgh arts scene, she has been inspired and awed by the talents of the local artists and has helped promote them through development and participation of forums and gallery openings. And it turns out that Yvonne Cook, does indeed, love to cook. We are all invited over to her house for the dinner and conversation question.

Mar 24, 2017


Sean O’Connor grew up outside of Richmond, VA with actual Civil War earthworks in his backyard. Fighting off a strong urge to geek out on that bit of mid-nineteenth century awesomeness alone, we instead engage with Sean about his just-starting-out path in both the strategy and writing disciplines as well as his fairly recent move to Pittsburgh.

A product of the VCU Brandcenter, where he cultivated “the whatever happens to you won’t kill you” credo, an understanding of the power of constructive criticism, the art of reading body language and the critical insight that being an asshole benefits no one – along with several other mature beyond his years attitudes towards the challenges the communications business throws at everyone.

We explore how he was hired by his current agency, deeplocal, and how he defines what that agency does and the collaborative structures they employ. We also get insight into some early work he did with “mega church, UFC style, octagon matches”. Which is worth the price of admission alone.

Sean’s work can be found as well as the deeplocal website at

Mar 16, 2017

Frank Walsh was a high-school rocker before discovering his true calling with a camera. Now he’s one of the preeminent photographers with an impressive list of clients. In this episode, Frank and Brian relive the tortuous process of photographing ants and discuss the challenge of pushing yourself creatively in the digital age.

He also candidly discusses his initial oblivion with the possibilities this life offered, his early professional partnership with Duane Rieder to form Rieder & Walsh Photography and how the two strong-willed creatives traversed both the successes and eventual break-up of the partnership.

Frank’s current studio is a beautifully renovated church in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh and his work can be found at

Mar 10, 2017

Dimeji Onafuwa gets restless often. A native of Nigeria, he has lived in New York City, West Virginia, North Carolina and now splits his time between Pittsburgh and Portland, Oregon. He considers himself a painter at heart but has also pursued, advertising, entrepreneurship and is currently on a path in the design spectrum where he is finishing up his PhD in Social Design from Carnegie Mellon University with a concentration towards designing for sustainable futures for the commons.

Recorded just after the Presidential election, Dimeji brings the perspectives of both the African and the American experiences to draw from in how he is carving a path forward for himself and his remarkable family.

Dimeji believes design is a great leveler and is akin to gardening in that it needs constant tending. He believes “human-centered design” might be better off being called “other-centered design”, that advertising is a necessary evil, that a better word for empathy might be “responsibility” and he gives us the single best answer we’ve had so far as to whom he would sit down to dinner with for a meal and conversation.

Mar 2, 2017

Nathan Wadding grew up on a farm. And he loved it – to a point. When the anticipation of experiencing the life that environment offered met head on with the hard realities that often accompany it – it provided a strong stimulus for wanting more even if he wasn’t entirely sure what that was as a child. Initial forays into music, DJ’ing and then his college tour provided the way forward as he embraced technology, editing, strategy and video production which led him to key stints at production houses here in Pittsburgh.

We explore this rural to urban journey that has him understanding the life of both working for someone and of driving an entrepreneurial enterprise. Our dialogue covers how scary weddings are, working with your best friend, why editing is about asking why from each frame and we discuss the idea of losing the literal frame as the virtual reality technology becomes more omnipresent. Check out some of Nathan’s recent digital content work at

Feb 24, 2017

One would expect a thoughtful discussion from a person associated with an agency called Thoughtform and with Steve Frank, a Principle with the firm and Director of Business Development, that’s exactly what ensued. Steve approaches every opportunity with a contemplative and curious comportment. This has helped build Thoughtform into one of the leading design consultancies here or anywhere as they help simplify the complex for a diverse range of clients.


Our conversation covers a wide arc of subjects: what entails beauty in the design process and the integral role it plays, how he defines and moves forward from both failures and successes, what industry he would disrupt, the ebb and flow in the importance of titles for individuals and if there is anyway to rid the world of both timesheets and powerpoint.


A graduate of Lehigh University with a background steeped in Wall Street, the entrepreneurial sector, technology and sales, he has always brought an up-beat and fun approach to the work with everyone he intersects. Check out the great work Thoughtform does at



Feb 18, 2017

The mission behind Pressley Ridge is to “do whatever it takes to create success for children and their families” and is an apt description for their CEO, Susanne Cole as well. She has done whatever it takes throughout her life, particularly in her nearly 30-year career with Pressley Ridge where she has held a multitude of positions both on the clinical and business sides of the organization. She traces a remarkable story that begins in Charleston, WV as the adopted daughter of a teacher and shoe store manager who was interested in both teaching and law enforcement as career paths and has culminated so far in her leading one of the most innovative children’s non-profits in the country.

Susanne talks about the challenges of secondary trauma, her insistence on goodness being employed versus simply talking about it, the future state of the non-profit world and whether that label hurts or helps when intersecting in the marketplace, how poverty continues to be the root cause of most of what her group has to deal with and why cussing now and then is pretty important.

To learn more about the good people and work of Pressley Ridge, visit


Feb 11, 2017

Brett Yasko once opened up a talk he gave for a local Pecha Kucha event with the words “welcome to my nightmare”. Yes, he’s not terribly fond of talking about himself – preferring to let his prodigious body of work mostly speak for him. Still, on those occasions when he does open up about his life and work you quickly learn how much he truly, madly, deeply, loves both. Brett talks about his path from advertising to design, the challenges and opportunities he experienced with the transition from going to work to working from home, how parenthood and politics have influenced his work, that his self-initiated projects have been some of the most fulfilling and why he prefers to set his name – when he does – in 6.5 point type. He’s a generous, stubborn and empathetically driven designer whose nationally acclaimed body of work can be viewed at

Feb 1, 2017

Mila Sanina was born in the Soviet Union, raised in Kazakhstan, and speaks four languages. Brian wisely chooses English to discuss Mila’s amazing journalistic journey that took her from CNN to PBS to Pittsburgh where she now leads PublicSource, an investigative locally focused news organization. She shares her timely observations about the American experience and the perfect storm that has hit journalism. To see the good work Public Source does, go to 

Jan 28, 2017

Randy Rossi looks to answer questions. Difficult ones. Is there a solution for food waste? Can water be more efficiently delivered to put out fire? What will be the viable currency system of the future? Central to his work is how to reduce and even eliminate burden. President of Bally Design for the past 12+ years, he has invested his energies into the challenges inherent within the product, interface and service design disciplines. A wide ranging conversation that covers topics such as the sharing economy, minimum valuable products vs. minimum viable products and the somewhat oxymoronic sounding dialogue around the digital definitions of humanization. Check out Randy's and Bally's work at


Jan 21, 2017

Chris Amar is that rarest of breeds - an optimistic and yes, happy, attorney. A fairly recent transplant to Pittsburgh, Chris has always had a passion for helping people - from his early days as a middle-schooler in Boston working with that city's homeless population to his efforts on behalf of his current clients. We talk about the writers that have stimulated his curiosity, take a slight dive into American history, analyze his short horizon lines, participating in democracy and how vacations sneak up on him. He has an infectious personality with empathy being central to his DNA. 

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