A Podcast based in Pgh featuring one-on-one conversations with individuals from all sectors on how they have honed their specific craft and the tether they have with the community.
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Jan 28, 2017

Randy Rossi looks to answer questions. Difficult ones. Is there a solution for food waste? Can water be more efficiently delivered to put out fire? What will be the viable currency system of the future? Central to his work is how to reduce and even eliminate burden. President of Bally Design for the past 12+ years, he has invested his energies into the challenges inherent within the product, interface and service design disciplines. A wide ranging conversation that covers topics such as the sharing economy, minimum valuable products vs. minimum viable products and the somewhat oxymoronic sounding dialogue around the digital definitions of humanization. Check out Randy's and Bally's work at


Jan 21, 2017

Chris Amar is that rarest of breeds - an optimistic and yes, happy, attorney. A fairly recent transplant to Pittsburgh, Chris has always had a passion for helping people - from his early days as a middle-schooler in Boston working with that city's homeless population to his efforts on behalf of his current clients. We talk about the writers that have stimulated his curiosity, take a slight dive into American history, analyze his short horizon lines, participating in democracy and how vacations sneak up on him. He has an infectious personality with empathy being central to his DNA. 

Jan 14, 2017

Larry Richert is the consummate professional and a staple of the Pgh television and radio scene for decades. Despite the ungodly hour he starts his day, he always brings warmth, a great sense of humor and a sincere humility to his profession. He takes none of what he has accomplished for granted, reveals his secret desire to become a voiceover for movie trailers and discusses how radio - despite the broadcast description - it's really a one-to-one, intimate medium. 

Jan 6, 2017

She has the old-school agency stories from Mad Men delivered with an accent closer to Mad Max. She is the one-of-a-kind Ann McFadden. In this episode, Gordon talks with Ann about her improbable career that began in Australia and continues today as a hall-of-fame creative director.