A Podcast based in Pgh featuring one-on-one conversations with individuals from all sectors on how they have honed their specific craft and the tether they have with the community.
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Oct 26, 2018

Leah Lizarondo gave us a lot to chew on for today's podcast.  A native of the Philippines, Leah came to Pittsburgh to attend Carnegie Mellon and has made her mark as a writer, entrepreneur and food activist.  You may have seen her 2014 Ted Talk, “Why the Farm Is Not Getting to the Table.” Today, we discuss with the Founder of 412 Food Rescue the scene in Pittsburgh: the good, the bad, and the wasted. Bon appetit.


Oct 17, 2018

Growing up, Jocelyn rarely followed the expected or easy path. Her rebellious spirit and curiosity took her around the world where she collected unique life experiences and empathy for how people interact with their environment. Join us for an inspired, lively discussion including how Jocelyn has applied her insights and energy to leading and mentoring young women in Pittsburgh. Check out the great work of SWSG at:


Sep 13, 2018

Our guest today is designer/strategist/truth-teller Laurie Mizrahi.  A born contrarian, Laurie comes from a family of accountants and naturally went into creative design.  We talk calligraphy, Israel and get Laurie’s unique take on the #MeToo moment.  Enjoy!

Sep 6, 2018

Architecture can define a city. But as our guest Rob Pfaffmann explains it, architecture can also choke off the social spaces that connect a community.  On the podcast, we discuss the immense value that comes from preserving our architectural failures. For two guys who always wanted to pretend to be an architect, it was a treat to actually interview one as fascinating as Rob.

Aug 1, 2018

The author Dorothy Parker once said, “Creativity is a wild mind, and a disciplined eye.” On today’s show, we pay tribute to our friend Dave Vissat who had the wildest mind, the most disciplined eye and all the other elusive tools to become arguably the finest art director in Pittsburgh advertising history. Dave died late last year, but his work — and more importantly his contagious creative spirit — will be felt for years to come.  See for yourself at while you listen to some of the people who knew him best: Michael Brunner, Scott Morgan, Tom Cwenar, Maria Tarquinio, Dan Magdich and Meade Johnson.  Don’t worry, it’s not sad; it’s Dave.

May 8, 2018

Today, we go a few rounds with Jim Christoforetti from CraveLabs.  Jim’s a true Fighting Irish, having boxed at Notre Dame before going on to a career in media and tech. We talk about how users interact with brands and each other in the age of screen fatigue and the newly discovered “Phantom Phone” phenomenon.

Apr 6, 2018

As an artist, Christiane Dolores (aka Madame Dolores) prefers to ask the questions rather than give the answers.  Today, it’s Brian who poses the questions and Madame D does not disappoint. She’s an award-winning, genre-bending artist. A poet who sings. A songwriter who makes films. And a podcast guest we’ll never forget.

We’d also like to share Madame D’s link to her indiegogo fundraiser: please check it out and support the Madame Delores Movement.

Jan 18, 2018

Illustrators aren’t usually known for their conversational skills. But John Hinderliter fills a podcast as colorfully as he fills a canvas. John paints a very vivid picture of growing up in Atlantic City, the satisfaction of being an art mercenary, and the inspirational power of Tom Waits.